The New Form of Marketing: Marketing on Interest

In today’s world, you can have communication with customers and potential customers very easily and create dialogue on social media sites. Social media sites have the great capability to narrow down who has interest in your product or service based on their likes and activity.


Due to their abilities, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more have opened a whole new world. Not only can you target by subject like sports, food, clothes, or cars, you can get very specific with targeting because social media continues to monitor and track consumers’ likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. So, you can find out much more about potential customers than you did previously. This also allows you to appeal to customers and potential customers on a more emotional level. In the U.S., people now generally buy a lot more things out of wants and desires than true needs. By engaging them in an emotional dialogue, they are more likely to purchase if they feel a connection.


Facebook makes this very easy with their ads. They are able to use all the data they receive from people. They first must fill in extensive demographic info. Then, every time users search things or like pages, conversations, products or services, they are able to determine possible future products or services they may be interested in. By having this information, you as a company have a greater breadth of knowledge to better select your potential customer viewer base, have more transparency, and be able to adjust your brand to connect with those customers or potential customers in a more practical and “emotional” way.


These social media sites allow you to have more dialogue, more brand awareness, and create more traffic to your site. There are many companies that are jumping on this bandwagon and having huge success with this. Not only can you make more people familiar with your brand, it is much easier to get new blogs, information, and dialogue with these potential customers than ever before. However, you need to be familiar with the best marketing strategies to get your information, products, or services to these potential customers in a timely fashion. The wonderful thing about social media is that if you get one user to interact with your company, it can easily spread to others because of the high traffic conversations that happen on these sites daily. In many ways, it takes much more time and is money efficient because people are doing a lot of the work for you if you can make a few meaningful connections.


Realistically, this type of marketing may not generate higher volumes of traffic, but it will likely create more bang for your buck. Those who interact will be more likely to use your company or buy your product because you have engaged them with something that is in their line of interest.

Obviously, this is not the only way to market and increase brand awareness, but this a great tool to have in your collection of marketing tactics. Interest marketing is a glimpse of where marketing is heading in the future.