Facebook Ads Are Booming

Some of you may be wondering, why are Facebook ads so important? What’s the big deal?

Let’s take a step back to seven months ago. At that point in time, Facebook had 3 million businesses that were actively advertising on Facebook. This number may sound like a lot of businesses, which, in raw numbers, it is; but, Facebook just hit over four million businesses that are currently advertising on their site. This is a huge amount of growth in just seven months. This incredible growth has made Facebook one of the largest, if not the largest, site for ads online.


One of Facebook’s closest rivals is Google; however, in regards to comparison, Google does not announce how many advertisers they have. Let’s look at the next closest competitor: Twitter. Twitter had 130,000 advertisers at the end of 2015. Facebook has spread its reach through Instagram, which now has over half of a million brands using it for ads. This is significantly increased from 200,000 in early 2016.

There are many things we can praise Facebook for: Facebook has not only done a great job in growing its base of business that advertise on their site, it has significantly grown its mobile component. About eighty percent of Facebook’s revenue from their ads were shown to be through smartphone or tablet clicks. That is a huge amount. With the increase in consumer use of mobile devices, this is the area to focus time and energy. The other interesting fact is that about 40% of the businesses that use Facebook ads created an ad using a smartphone or tablet. This will continue to grow and expand the use of mobile devices.

As consumerism changes over time, Facebook continues to grow its variety of ads. Currently about 20% of the businesses using Facebook ads are purchasing video ads. Just in the last month, there have been over four million new video ads that have been created on Facebook. One reason why not as many businesses are buying into video ads is because about 70% of the businesses buying ads on Facebook are outside of the US.


Many of these companies are in areas that do not have great cell service, which limits what potential customers would be able to see. So, they stay with Facebook slideshow ads which will show on mobile devices in poor cell signal areas. Knowing your potential consumer population is critically important. If they cannot view video ads, then there is no point in making or using these types of ads. But having video ads is a good adjunct in your arsenal of marketing strategies if you have the right customer base.

Facebook has just opened a huge, new area of market strategies for marketers. Facebook is going to continue to grow and it will take much strategy and energy for competing companies to keep up. Social media is changing and will continue to change how marketing is done. If you or your company wants to go to the next level or continue to be competitive, then you need to learn how to master marketing on social media, in particular with Facebook ads.